NanoAgri-Food 2012

Symposium Objective:

The International Symposium of Agriculture and Food Applications of Nanoscale Science (ISAFANS) will provide a forum to foster research, communication, dissemination and collaboration among professionals, academia and industry involved in nanotechnology globally.

ISAFANS will be held in conjugation with the 16th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science and Technology and will attract pre-eminent speakers from academia, the industry, and government from around the globe.

Local Organizers

Luiz Henrique Capparelli Mattoso (Brazil) 

Sergio Mascarenhas de Oliveira (Brazil) 
Cauê Ribeiro de Oliveira (Brazil) 
Paulo Sergio de Paula Herrmann Jr. (Brazil) 
Daniel Souza Correa (Brazil) 

Advisory Committee

Gunter Oberdörster (USA) 
Frans Kempers (The Netherlands) 
Gabriel Adolfo Durand-Givaudan (Argentina) 
Jose Miguel Aguilera (Chile) 
Marcos Antonio Das Neves (Japan) 
Hongda Chen (USA) 
Tan Chin Ping (Malaysia) 
Haixin Cui (China) 
Qasim Chaudhry (UK) 
Ralf Greiner (Germany) 
Bo Jiang (China) 
Hyun Jin Park (Korea) 
Frans Kampers (The Netherlands) 
Bernadene Magnuson (Canada) 
Nakajima Mitsutoshi (Japan) 
Allan Paulson (Canada) 
Harjinder Singh (New Zealand) 
Jochen Weiss (Germany) 
Rickey Yada (Canada) 
An-I Yeh (Taiwan) 
Fang Zhong (China) 
Peng Zhou (China) 
Luiz Alberto Colnago (Brazil) 
Silvio Crestana (Brazil) 
Amaury Rosenthal (France) 
Carlos Lazarini (USA) 
Gilberto Schmidt (Korea) 
Manoel Souza (The Netherlands) 
Ivo A. Hümmelgen (Brazil) 
José Antônio Brum (Brazil) 
Harry Heinzelmann (Switzerland)

Nanotechnology Session Speakers
Kathleen Oehlke (Germany)

Kathleen Oehlke

Max Rubner Institute, (Germany)

Mitsutoshi Nakajima (Japan)

Mitsutoshi Nakajima

University of Tsukuba, (Japan)

Shuqin Xian (China)

Shuqin Xian

Jiangnan University, (China)

Marcos Neves (Japan)

Marcos Neves

University of Tsukuba, (Japan)

Perla Relkin (France)

Perla Relkin

AgroParisTech, (France)

Jochen Weiss (Germany)

Jochen Weiss

University of Hohenheim, (Germany)

Jianwu Zhou (China)

Jianwu Zhou

Fuzhou University, (China)

Hyun Jin Park (Korea) 

Hyun Jin Park

Korea University, (Korea)

R.I Quintero (Chile)

R.I Quinterok

Universidad de Santiago, (Chile)

Luiz H.C. Mattoso (Brazil)

Luiz H.C. Mattoso

EMBRAPA, (Brazil)

Masami Takeuchi (Italy)

Masami Takeuchi

FAO, (Italy)

Miguel A. Cerqueira (Portugal)

Miguel A. Cerqueira

University of Minho, (Portugal)

Carolina M. Noronha (Brazil)

Carolina M. Noronha

Federal University of Santa Catarina, (Brazil)

Yunfei Xie (China)

Yunfei Xie

Jiangnan University, (China)

Daniel A. Leite (Brazil)

Daniel A. Leite

University of Grande Dourados, (Brazil)

Diana Bowman (USA)

Diana Bowman

The University of Michigan, (USA)

Beatriz F. Carniel (Brazil)

Beatriz F. Carniel

EMBRAPA, (Brazil)

Frans Kampers (Netherlands)

Frans Kampers

ENM Workgroup, (Netherlands)

Herbert Buckenhuskes (Germany)

Herbert Buckenhuskes

Deutsche Landwirtschaftliche Gesellschaft (DLG), (Germany)

Diána Bánati (Belgium)

Diána Bánáti

International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe, (Belgium)

Jochen Weiss (Germany)

Jochen Weiss

Professor and Head, Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, University of Hohenheim (Germany)

Rickey Yada (Canada)

Rickey Yada

Professor, Department of Food Science, Scientific Director, Advanced Foods and Materials Network (AFMNet), University of Guelph (Canada)

Mitsutoshi Nakajima (Japan)

Mitsutoshi Nakajima

University of Tsukuba, (Japan)

Hongda Chen (USA)

Hongda Chen

National Program Leader, Bioprocessing Engineering/Nanotechnology, USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture, (USA)

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