A Word with the President of IUFoST

The President of IUFoST, Geoffrey Campbell-Platt was asked to make a statement on the theme of the Congress ‘Global Food Security and Wellness through Food Science and Technology’

We are all interdependent on food. Food does not recognize any national or regional boundaries. Ingredients are able to come from one country, to be processed in another country to then be eaten in a different country. So the more we educate Food Scientists and Technologists in higher education about consumer awareness the safer and the more secure the food supply we will all have. The idea of ‘Wellness’ is all about a balanced diet. It is about nutrients being available, from micronutrients to macronutrients. The world now has 7 billion people with 1 billion suffering malnutrition and on the other end of the spectrum another billion suffering from obesity. Our challenge is to distribute the food more safely and more fairly and to make sure we all have enough food to eat, or overindulge and create disease and health problems. That is the challenge for us all and that’s what we are addressing here in Brazil.

- Geoffrey Campbell-Platt IUFoST President

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